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Mother Superior are a Hard Rock LA based trio. While regional audiences have enjoyed MS shows for years, it is in the last few years that their fan base is expanding from a series of wider tours and appearances. Mother Superior has played sessions with the likes of George Clinton, Wayne Kramer, and written songs for an Alice Cooper album. To top it off Mother Superior are the new touring and recording Rollins Band. In what is certainly a rare occurance, MS will be the opening act for Rollins Band in the current Fall tour, that is a lot of music in an evening. The full MS discography, as well as links to downloadable music is available through their website http://www.listento.mothersuperior
On Get Up and Fall Down, his debut release on Indo Records, as well as Dutch label InBetweens Tommy Carns displays his unique vision of folk rock. Soulful and original, his songs are captivating. Tommy Carns was reared by folksingers on Cape Cod and weaned on a steady diet of blues, work songs, black and white spirituals from the southern U.S., ballads from the British Isles, and sea songs from New England. In California he's gained a following as a songwriter, solo performer and band member and has shared bills with, among others, NRBQ, Ramblin' Jack Elliot, Marshall Crenshaw, Jimmy Dale Gilmore and the late Jeff Buckley.
The long awaited solo album from Matt Piucci - frontman, songwriter, and lead guitarist of the legendary Rain Parade - drawing from a wide palette of influences: Beach Boys styled harmonies, Big Star twisted pop, searing Tom Verlaine guitar sounds, then blending that with his own illustrious past as Rain Parade founder and occasional Crazy Horse guitarist. Matt Piucci has crafted an original collection of songs that could be considered the follow up to the classic psychedelic album Explosions In The Glass Palace. Download Beautiful Fire (Real Audio file)
Bay Area based Sciflyer has been receiving great reviews from industry rags and steady airplay at radio staions around the country. They have contributed music to various TV broadcasts and independent labels. Sciflyer have completed work on a "mini-EP" and are embarking on a West Coast tour in April...Download various tracks from their self-titled debut and catch the latest news on these astral travelers...
With their debut released CD, Azigza celebrates the wonderful cross-cultural musical mix that is at the heart of their unique sound, from sharp slivers of progressive rock guitar and bass to sweet swirling ethnic violin. From intricate world beat percussion to mesmerizing vocals, this San Francisco ensemble is one to be watched. Azigza has a very performance-oriented experience to offer and have been festival favorites in Mexico and the U.S. For additioanl information, cds and tour dates, visit their website

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